What Our Students Say About Us

I got so much out of this service - my grades moved up two grades since the start of my course. The block of tutoring gave me time to improve my term papers and to improve my own writing going forward. I feel a lot more prepared for my next semester.

Jo, Psychology, Toronto

Since English is not my first language, I found the help with writing and editing essays really useful. I feel like now I'm getting graded more on my ideas and not losing marks for my writing.

Hugo, Engineering, Edmonton

Maiya is excellent as a tutor: very patient and flexible. She uses many different approaches to help you to understand how to develop your skills. I had a good experience and strongly recommend her.

Marcelo, Global Management, Vancouver

Really great service. I struggle a lot with essay writing and the tutor really helped me to not just improve the specific essays I'd asked for help with, but also demystified the whole process of essay writing in general. The tutor really took the time to explain important concepts. I feel more equipped to handle these assignments on my own now.

Julie, BCom, Montreal

The TOEFL strategies were excellent and I was able to improve my score up to 105 on the test. My tutor saw where I was going wrong and concentrated on these areas with me.

Li, TOEFL, Toronto

I had such a great experience with Maiya! Not only did she take the time to help me with whatever I needed to work on, but I really did see an improvement in my writing skills. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with their writing!

Laura, History, Montreal

Really helpful service! I was finding it hard to know what my essays were supposed to look like and the essay writing skills class made things so much clearer. Thank you!

Hannah, Philosophy, Vancouver

I learned a lot of skills around essay writing that I can take with me into future projects. I feel like my writing hugely improved over the two months. My grades certainly went up and I'm confident I can keep the level up on my own.

Neil, Business Management, Toronto

Before my speaking and listening scores were too low to hit my target. The analysis and tips really changed my practices and helped me to get the score I needed. You made the test much less stressful. Thank you!

Chen, TOEFL, Vancouver

Maiya provided excellent guidance and prompted discussion about the purpose and progression of my paper. Her insight really helped me improve my overall writing skills and content. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their academic writing.

Mara, Medical Science Nursing, Saskatoon

I had an excellent experience working with Maiya this past semester as she helped me improve my academic writing. She asks questions with patience and ensures that I fully understand concepts - she is also a fantastic editor - I highly recommend!

Alysia, Theatre Studies, Vancouver